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Terragator Available for Hire

A Terragator injection system is available for hire.
Make use of your waste - turn it back into valuable fertiliser!

Bates Environmental Ltd can help you make the best use of your assets with our Terragator.

If you have land which needs fertilising to improve crop growth we can supply the Terragator system, complete with waste holding tank and operator; and the waste. This is a quick, efficient process which turns your unwanted waste back into a valuable commodity. No longer will you have to scour the area to find somewhere which sells manure, you can use what you already have and put that back into your land, ensuring an easy, hassle-free, maximum-profit return on your crops.

Please call 0800 043 37 11 for further details.

We are always interested to hear of any land which needs injecting.

0800 043-37-11
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